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Originally Posted by RuskieShooter View Post
To those saying this is illegal: you are right but it doesn't matter.

If this passes...

The state will access the AW registry records and send uniformed police to those residences to confiscate the now illegal "assault rifles".

Most will scream and holler, but to protect themselves and their families, they will turn them over and vow to fight this in the courts.

It will take months for this to make its way through the legal system, and during that time your rifle(s) will be turned into little pools of molten aluminum.

The courts will rule this was unconstitutional and that the rifles need to be returned or the owner properly compensated. Because it was already destroyed, they will have to pay the compensation.

The state will then move money from education/first responders/parks to pay for this. Next, they will go to the taxpayers and claim that to keep these services running they need another tax increase.

The sheep of this state will vote in the tax increase (it's for the children!) and you will have paid for your rifle(s) twice; once at the store and again at tax time.

Our handlers in Sacramento will view this as win/win. They get rid of all the "scarey" rifles and get a permanent tax hike as well.

Don't think this will happen? Look at how the bullet train to nowhere keeps getting funded...

Unfortunately you're probably right.
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