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Originally Posted by Dumas1012 View Post
When getting into the size of the Thunder, PPK and even the p232, you might as well go with a 9mm. ...This is just my opinion so please do not get offended.
No offense. This is why they make so many different guns and calibers. Everybody likes something different.
I have heard the .380 vs. 9mm debate many, many, many times and I have previously owned a full size 9mm in the past. I still own other handguns in larger calibers (.45acp and .357 mag).
For me, the Bersa feels good in my hand, shoots good, and it is fun to shoot. This makes me want to practice with it. When I previously owned a sub-compact and a .38 snubbie, I did not enjoy shooting them, I did not practice as much.
Because of frequent practice, i am very accurate out to distances I would never plan for in an HD situation. Shot placement is more important too me than superior ballistics.
If i was at home, I wood choose my 12 gauge or .357 or .45 over the Bersa. On the road, it is nice too have something decent in such a small pkg.
Good luck.
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