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Originally Posted by Harleymrc View Post
That BG380 looks pretty nice! The Sig is nice too but I think I'll stick with the DAO. Did you have to pay a premium for the BG380 for the SSE?
To tell you the truth, if I was to do all over again, I'd spend the extra money to get the P238. The DAO trigger is a pain in the ***. You'll have to take it to the range and practice shooting it. The trigger pull is so long by the time it breaks, you'll be shooting left and low (right handed). The laser to me is pretty much useless. It's nice to have but I'll never activate it if someone breaks into my house.

The Sig has night sights, SAO and a better 1911 style safety. Everything I need for home defense.

I paid $350 for the BG380 + $125 for SSE + $25 DOJ fees + tax. You'll be lucky if you can find one under $500 online. They're marking them up so high it's ridiculous.
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