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Originally Posted by Munny$hot View Post
video record her shooting I bet that when fired the muzzle of the gun is near 1-2 o'clock position causing the shells to hit her on the head. Try standing square to the target, shooting hand slightly bent support hand straight forward, slight tightening her arms (without death gripping the gun), both shoulders forward as far as possible, slight lean forward (without stick out her butt), weight on the balls of her feet, tightening her core on respiratory pause, consistent trigger pull to the rear with her trigger finger.
I appreciate what you're saying, but like I said pretty much same result with me shooting (old guy, pretty decent, used to be competive shooter) . Seems to me shells should not be hitting me on my shoulder. Never owned a Glock but thought I needed a "down in the dirt" dependable mcpistol. Not working out that way and seems I am not the lone (pickyass) ranger. I'm sending it to an armorer.
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