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Default Thank you.

Originally Posted by DocSkinner View Post
Not meaning to be a jerk, but - If you knew, you shouldn't have asked! **You** said California only allows 10 round cap - To which I replied that the only 10 round cap limit in California is for purchase/trade of magazines, and that the 30 round is legal for hunting.

Unless you are just trolling, if you ask for answers, you should listen to the posters' answers to your questions! If you wanted the actual code, you shoudl have search the F&G site first, and then the State code sites second. Otherwise what you get is people saying stuff, just like above! Know if you wanted to DEBATE whether it shoudl be legal or is ethical or practical - thats a whole nutter matter...

Understand that the answer to your question is that if you have a 30 round, or a linked belt of 200, it is technically legal. California has no magazine limits (other than the shotgun federal stuff) based on usage. I am sure they figured they had it under control with the 10 round limits on purchasing and and teh "AWB" crap!
Thank you. I apologize for my poor communication. If I wanted a debate it would not be at this site. You have answered my question and I appreciate you taking the time to do that.
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