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Hey bro, those guys were gone when you got there, because I ran them off. I told them they were making a mess, and it was time to go.

They took one look at me, in all of my badness, and immediately complied. Except the one carrying the ammo can said something under his breath as they were pulling away and it was on. I chased them for miles, but the lockers on my Bentley wouldn't disengage and the axles started getting to hot to continue.

When I came back for the brass they left behind, it was already gone.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how it disappeared till now.

Im thinking a 50/50 split. Whadaya say?

Seriously, great post, but I doubt those guys are members here.

Thanks for being responsible. We've all seen some great places trashed from people being inconsiderate.
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