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I went into a gun shop on Castro street in Mtn View, many many blue moons ago. I asked the same question, "want to get started in reloading 9mm".

He sold me a RCBS rock chucker kit, some bullets, CCI primers, a reloading book, and Alliant Blue Dot. He said Blue Dot is safer to learn reloading with and once I have some practice, come back and buy some Bullseye. I did and I still reload plinking with Unique which is want most recommend for beginning reloading now. In fact, my locknload is filled with Unique right now.

With that said, I recommend you start out with Unique; particularly if you are also starting out with a progressive press.

Titegroup is too fast for beginning reloading in 9mm, imo.

I have an over-abundance of Unique since I don't reload 20 gauge anymore. You can have 1/2 pound or so if you want.
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