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Bill Steele is really breaking off the knowledge! He's right on!

As a guy that learned to reload on a pro 1000, I can tell you I would've been better off practicing on a $30 Lee single stage first. I bought one anyway to do rifle on and other stuff, so it wasn't money wasted.

As I'm sure you've heard, the priming is the tricky part of the pro 1000. It actually works just fine once you get it dialed in, I just didn't know what I was doing and mauled primers LOL

I build hotrods(not great or anything) so I have some mechanical skill, and I wanted to throw the press out the window many times.

I couldn't get it over 50 rph for months. Then finally it all clicked and I can do 350 rph no problem.

Bill's right, if you don't want to get a single stage(consider it a class fee), then just do one round at a time so you can focus on the individual stages.

Just a thought. Good luck, you'll figure it out.

Oh! Don't set the chain length unless the ram is all the way down! I've broken that so many times...LOL
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