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lowend65, you didn't say what kind of press you got, single stage, or progressive auto indexing or progressive manual indexing, but TiteGroup is a fast burning high density powder so you can easily double charge it, so keep an eye on it. Usually recommend a low density powder for newbies so it will spill out the case from a double charge, such as W231. All your loading data is online with the powder manufacturer. Jacketed bullets are the same whether or not they are hollow points, it is the copper jacket (vs lead) that makes the difference. Start with minimum weights and maximum lengths. The goal is to work up a load that is most accurate in your gun. Use the same brass cases for your check loads. Most powder measures will not throw any more than +/- .1 grains accurately, so work your loads in at least .3 grain increments. You will need a calipers for overall length and a case gage to check crimp. The quick setup is to run the seating die and crimping die down on a factory 9mm load, plus a quarter turn for the crimp die. Auto loads head space on the mouth, so that's what the case gage is for. I have been running TiteGroup since it first came out, 4 grains behind a 125 Bear Creek Moly at 1.155" overall, or 4.5 grains behind a 115 Montana Gold at 1.155" overall with whatever primers are the best price at the moment. WW and CCI are what I use most often, including pistol magnum primers, and occasionally Federal, Remington, PMC non toxic, and Tula(harder to seat). My loads run fine on all my Glocks, G19, G17's, G34 and G17L. 125's out of the G17 go about 1,180 fps thru my chrono.

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