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Originally Posted by lowend65 View Post
My reloading press et all is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (thanks to Randall's list) and I'm super excited.

I went out and bought bullets and power today before looking at my Lyman Reloading Guide. My guide does not show a specific combo for what I bought. Yeah, I know kinda stupid... figured if I bought common powder and common bullets that it was sure to be in the guide.

I'm completely new to this, and am unsure if FMJ needs a different powder charge than JHP

What I have:
  • CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers
  • Hodgdon TiteGroup Powder
  • Hornady 115 Grain .355" Bullets (#35557)
  • A whole lot of used brass

I've found data on Hodgdon's website showing a 4.3 grain load. But that's for a Spr GDHP
Is this going to be the same with a Hornady FMJ?

Sorry for the noob question, I'm pretty intimidated by this process.
You will be fine with that load to start. You picked a particularly temperamental powder to load as your first powder. It is dense, so you will likely be able to double charge without overfilling the case, so keep an eye on your powder drop, make sure you have the right amount of powder in that case before you set the bullet.

Good luck, be careful, when in doubt there is no doubt, pull it.
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