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Originally Posted by AAShooter View Post
Congrats. Can you explain to me the levels of coaching staff? What capabilities does the various level indicate?

Level I
At the Level I program, our goal is to provide beginning instructors with the knowledge and ability to teach the fundamentals. They should be able to instruct a shooter on such basics as setting up foot and body position for proper balance; setting up hand and shotgun position to move with the target; how to use the eyes to acquire a target; understanding why a target was missed; and why all this is important.

Level II
The Level II program is where instructors move up from teaching to becoming a coach.
This is where we begin to work on the mental game, where perception and reality are different. The instructor has to get on the same page as the shooters to help them overcome their problems. Positive reinforcement, helping them learn what to do and when to do it, and rehearsing those actions both physically and mentally are the skills that we learn to develop as Level II instructors.
We want our instructors to be able to provide progressive training and help their students visualize breaking targets so we can empower the subconscious and make the right things happen.

Level III
At Level III certification, instructors will have their teaching skills fine-tuned to the highest degree of professionalism.
At this level, you will not only have the ability to coach form and technique, but you will also get a good grasp of the mental game and will be able to quickly and effectively identify and correct problems. Advanced stage shooters are not looking for someone who wants to change their shooting technique; they are looking for someone who can get their confidence back. At this level, the instructor has to be more patient with the shooter and be able to effectively communicate the minor tweaks and techniques that will improve their game
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