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Originally Posted by Wild Squid View Post
Well said, and now that you ask who is best for the economy, I am the best for the economy. If I were governor, I would get audits done on ever y single state agency, public water utility, PG&E, everything to get rid of overspending and waste. Every state agency has the laziest workers ever, because they have a union to protect them from being fired for incompetence and a pension to see them through their whole life. Caltrans charges overtime for hours they haven't even worked yet, and are the most unproductive SOB's this side of the Mississippi. We need to find a way to tax all those illegal immigrants from our neighbor down south. They come here to make money and then send it all back to mexico, no wonder money is disappearing from CA. WE need to rid the state and preferably the whole country of outsourcing. No wonder we don't enough jobs to go around anymore, they're all going to countries with cheap labor. Sure most of my ideas are drastic ideas, but they are what will work and no politician has the balls to back them. Until then ya'll might as well brace yourself for worse to come, cause that's what's going to happen.
You don't know your *ss from a hole in the ground regarding Caltrans! After 40 years working there, I can tell you- you are highly mis-informed. Yes, there is waste at every government agency, but not to the degree that you are assuming! I totally agree with you about the illegal alien issues, but I can assure you that Caltrans is not any where near as bad as you are assuming.
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