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No, that is completely wrong. Statism is an entirely leftist concept. Nationalism, corporatism, and fascism are or are elements of leftist ideologies. It is quite evident from their nature. Corporatism is like syndicalism except based upon corporations and not unions. Nationalism is a characteristic of leftism which arose out of the French Revolution (which was the first major leftist revolution and one of the "great" ones); it tends to compete with internationalism. National Socialism (which dates back to the 1890s), for example, was nationalistic and one of the major differences from its competitor, international socialism, was its rejection of internationalism. Fascism, like National Socialism, is ultimately derived from the older international socialism, which is not surprising given that its creator, Mussolini, was originally a socialist; it is however different enough to be considered seperate. It is simply amazing how the Left has been able to misuse words and definitions to the point where people think that what is Left is Right, i.e. that something is the opposite of what it actually is. Seems to happen in many areas, too including constitutional law.

Also, leftism is generally opposed to freedom, especially in any broad sense. Some leftist ideologies, however, espouse freedom below the belt or even full-blown libertinism, while rejecting all other freedom. Those things by themselves do no demonstrate any real love for liberty. A rightist that supports those things being legal (even if morally opposed to them) generally will support very broad amounts of freedom. Ultimately, the driving idea behind leftism is equality; in order to achieve equality (or at least move heavily in that direction; true equality is impossible), there cannot be freedom in any real sense. Things like the couple of freedoms leftists might support tend not to in most cases have any impact on equality one way or another. Freedom sharply conflicts with any plans or designs to impose equality.

Rightists tend to support a broad amount of freedom. It is one of the defining characteristics of the Right. When the question is asked, "Should we have liberty or equality?", the Right chooses liberty. Where there tends to be debate is on matters of virtue, but there is debate, not any sort of universal consensus against freedom in areas deemed to be "social" in modern political parlance. Even among those on the Right supportive of some restrictions in areas regarding morality and virtue, the amount of liberty supported is far broader than in any leftist ideology. Ultimately, most proponents of such laws on the Right support them for individualist reasons, not statist or collectivist ones. Pretty much all rightists are mostly or entirely individualistic in their outlook and all are opposed to statism. These ideas are some of the basic criteria used to define placement on the standard political spectrum.
Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your that vein can you recommend some books or scholarly articles that elaborate further on these topics? Seriously, have time to blow and could use some reading material...

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Plus, we can check out each other's hardware. Who says we can't find common ground?
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Soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box. Use in that order.
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You need to grow a full beard and move out into the woods before you can be a full fledged member of the surplus rifle long range shooting community.
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