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Originally Posted by keenkeen View Post
Your DOJ inspector sounds typical...SSE is allowed as described in the sticky as of today. They don't like it so they float the FUD and see if they can buffalo FFLs into not doing them.

That being said, based on the story above it sounds like your boss needs to figure out how to do the basics before moving on to services like SSE handgun transfers.
Yeah, I see what you're saying. Sounds like a legal loophole that they don't like, but are at present unable to affect.

I will have to research it in more detail.

Well, you're right, but that's why I'm here (part-time) is to keep paperwork clean. We are still learning, as most starter-FFLs do. Won't be boss for much longer, we are entering the planning phase for our shops and he has realized that he needs me to keep out of jail and I won't do it for simple pay.

I was suprised to hear that DOJ would be sending someone to collect that weapon. Seeing how it would be exempt via PPT we were gobsmacked that it needed to be on the list.

Since the company is not in business, I guess they never will be from here forward.....

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