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We just had an inspection, our first with DOJ. Boss accidentally dicked up a DROS for an off-roster gun that was bought out of state by the customer. Thru his "not totally computer savvy" methods, ended up DROSing it "C&R" because there was no other way he could find to enter the gun information.

Didn't realize that used hanguns are subject to the roster without one of the exemptions.

In the eyes of DOJ this is no trivial matter, and we were told that the gun would be collected from the buyer. Not good....

Had we done this on purpose, it's grounds for losing a license.

We were also told by DOJ that they are following SSEs VERY CLOSELY. He did not really comment on the legality, but indicated that those FFLs that do them, had better not get caught UNDOING them.

I'd like more information, but it pretty much scared us off trying to do any SSEs.

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