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Originally Posted by TacticalPlinker View Post
@ Scuba Steve33; Happy to know you like them, but I personally don't. I have two of them. One is being used by father to hold an e-tool because it's about the perfect size. The second is sitting in a bag unused. Yes, the rip away feature is nice and it can indeed fit a lot of crap, but it's too damn bulky. Also I've replaced all my Condor/Voodoo gear. I still have it, but it's not being used because the quality is hit or miss, and I prefer spending a bit more to help support USA made tactical gear companies, several of which are right here in California (BDS-Tactical, 762Tactical, etc).
My understanding (and experience) is that Condor's name has been redeemed in recent years. I know they had quality issues but all of the gear I have had of theirs has been used pretty hard with no issues. As you said the pouch is large but if you don't have a ton of stuff in it it can be cinched down with the buckle. With the Army's plate carriers (if you didn't have a chest rack) the issued IFAK needed to be mounted on one of the side plates in order to access it. With the rip away it could go on your back and was easy to rip off.

My use for it now (backpacking/hiking/camping) is perfect because I have it twice as full as I did in the Army and attached to my bag. If it was that large on a kit it would be pretty bulky, even attached to the back but I have a ton of stuff crammed into it (even a full SAM splint lol). I'm not trying to convince you otherwise or anything, just saying my experience with it has been great.
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