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Originally Posted by emcon5 View Post
Assuming out of state distributors are willing to deal with the extra hassle. Some probably will, some probably won't.
That's just it. Again in reality, there's not going to be any extra hassle for out-of-state sellers shipping C&R long guns here. It will be business as usual. From what I gather, you wouldn't have to send your COE + 03FFL. It will be business like usual for sellers. Of course lots won't know that. If ATF audits you and checks your bound-book and see's you've been buying without a COE, then the only hassle is here.

But this all very well may bog the waters even more with out-of-state online auction sellers refusing to do business here with C&R long guns. How long did it take for ammo sellers to recognize the IL FOID card?

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