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It's not my 1911. Just a photo to toss out an idea.

Obviously you would build it with a forward hand grip
that was connected to the actual frame, and would not
interfere with the action of the slide. I just wonder why
that would be considered illegal. If the barrel was
under the length that qualifies it as a rifle. Then it
wouldn't matter if you had a pistol grip, because
it's technically still a pistol. With a long barrel, but
still a pistol. And yes, you could not put on the folding
stock in CA legally. But I don't understand why you
could not have a long barrel, long slide, a shotgun-style
front grip, and be able to use extended, pre-ban magazines.
Seems like you could make a pretty accurate carbine,
that could share the same ammo with your other
pistols. Just much more accurate...
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