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Congratulations on joining the site. You will meet some good people here and get some great advice. You can learn more here in a a few months than most people learn in a lifetime.

I also applaud your choice in revolvers. I am revolver guy, Smith and Wesson and Ruger specifically. There are many good sources in the Sacramento area. I bought a new 586 last April and I am very happy with it. It shoots as well as my 50 year old S&W Highway Patrolman. I personally lean toward the 586 becuase I am old school and stainless guns don't appeal to me.

I will give you one piece of advice though. Check the barrel to frame alignment on your new revolver before you lay down your cash. The barrel on my new 586 was over-tightened at the factory and this threw the sights out of alignment. I couldn't zero the pistol. I returned the gun to the factory (they paid for shipping both ways) and in 8 days I had the gun back and it was perfect.

I talked to my favorite gunsmith in Redding at Jones Fort and he says he has seen this in every manufacturer, not just S&W. The demand for guns is so high they just crank them out. I love my new 586, the quality is there and it shoots outstanding.

If you PM me I will send you some photos of my revolver before I shipped it out, if I haven't deleted them already. This will show you what to look for.
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