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Default Beaten PSL receiver, Ak parts in Orange County WTT

I have some AK parts to trade for a 1911. I can add cash as needed or work something out. Due to the panic AK parts are hard to find. I have more than one new 16 inch Romanian chrome lined barrels and more than one new AMD-65 Nodak receivers. I see that AMD-65 parts kits are available online minus barrel and receiver. The AMD-65 is a folding stock AK that is very easy to fix in the locked open position to be CA compliant.

SOLD I also have a used Romanian PSL receiver with a rear trunion and trigger guard riveted in. $SOLD This is something only an experienced builder can work with. It has been used and abused.It does have a rear trunion and trigger guard with a bullet button that replaces the original mag paddle. That might be worthless though. Some builders are gluttons for punishment, this will provide lots of enjoyment. I sure have had a lot of PMs asking if it has had filing or grinding done on it. Yes would be a safe answer. It has also been beaten and made to write hot checks.

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