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OK, so, 2nd appointment done. Application submitted - got a comment from the clerk after reading my reason for a CCW - "well, I've never read one like that before!" Anyway, the clerk has nothing to do with it actually, they just gather the documentation, etc., and it goes from there.

Fingerprints done, picture taken, money taken. Now, she told me it would be assigned to "Brad", who would be gathering the info from the DOJ & FBI - based on my fingerprints and background check. he may call me with further questions, based on my report; ask me to come in to change something on the application; go to my home to see that I actually live there, etc. This should be in the next 30 days.

After Brad's report is done, the whole mess goes to a panel - where they reject it.

SO, the question is - is anyone - like the CalGun lawyers - gathering this info into a larger suit in the courts over infringement of rights based on the Constitution? Are they gathering up hundreds of these same rejections or something? That's what we should be doing...

OK, back to FAXing, calling, e-mailing the Governor...
Thank you. I'll let you know when I get the decline, or what questions I get asked from Brad
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