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BB: When at stores, I usually park close to the store front entrance. There are lots of people moving in and out of the store, and someone grabbing you or harassing you is readily visible to all. I rarely park far far away, unless I am with someone else, but when I do this and have choice of parking I wall line. I also reverse park against them, or what kids I guess call suicide parking. At all times when I am out and about, I have personal space, if someones approaching me to ask me a Q I say no thankyou loudly and clearly, if they persist I simply run off and away from them. If they are sob story about needing bus fair, or to use my phone, or what time is it, or for change. After I have told them to stop/stay away from me, I yet again sprint off. I don't wear heels, nor clothing that leaves me immobile. If someones asking me for a jump, or if I know where a certain place is, I politely tell them no I can't help them, again loud and clear.

IF anyone persist and pushes further into my private space, I always choose to retreat. If someone makes the effort to park RIGHT next to me, as well on my DRIVER side? I ask security, a bag boy, or etc to simply walk with me to my car, and or I enter passenger side. There is always ways to set yourself up, so you have a solid to your back, and can keep a view of your surroundings.

As for the purse thing, I rarely use them lately, I usually use a modified Patagonia pack, with added on back spacing, restitched straps, and hidden back pouch for blunt tools.

Or a Kifaru E&E bag, Hazard4 Kato bag, webbingless and customized Maxpedition Remora. Tactical Tailor Urban Operator. But my main daily bag is a Camelbak Linchpin, no annoying webbing outside that scream tacticool. No camo pattern to scream GUN!!! No weird morale patches of zombies or etc.

Depends on where I am going, what I am doing, and things change, when I am running erranges I also use a Hillppl Chest Rig, can carry a second fire arm inside, as well magazines, light, etc. Thats what I've been doing lately when running. Works great. Working with a company right now for a setup aimed at consumer with chest though

Kifaru Koala is also another great little rig.

But back to topic at hand, muggings, assault, etc. I've had first hand experience with stalkers, and such; especially since I used to model a lot when I was younger.

Most young people today, are yabbering on their phones as they walk around in life, day or night, ignorant to their surroundings, or predators that may be around. Honestly, wish the state was a bit more free, much to the degree like TX or CO, was the only reserve I had when we moved back to CA for my work.

Honestly most people don't have nor developed a circle or area of personal space, will willing allow random strangers to approach them, ask them questions, etc.

I may sound over cautious and security minded, but, thats what keeps people a bit more safe.

Predators try to look for people distracted, over loaded on purchases in their cart, not paying attention to their surroundings, etc. They see a woman in heels and automatically see, that woman can not run away in those. Oh shes blabbering when she went into store, and when she went out? She'll make an easy target, shes to distracted.

They do lots of random things to, such as fill your window with A LOT of spam fliers, or ask for change for a $1....ask for a ride. Tell you they lost their phone can they use yours to call it? Can you jump their car its late, and they have no one to call.

I leave fliers and let them fly off when I am driving, I ignore request for change or for rides, if someone lost their phone, I ignore them, if someones honestly locked themselves out of the car, and or dead battery? I will keep them at a distance, and call AAA for them. Or if they "locked their keys in" An officer in a response to a call, would gladly help.

Parking well lit areas, and aware of my vehicles entry points, their position to how ppl may uniquely park a van, or large SUV, and are just sitting in it, though its an empty parking lot. If someone approaches with their hands in their pockets, bee lining to you at speed. Etc.

Having good kit on you for an emergency or just daily is important as well. Nothing is as offsetting to someone as 500Lumens from a Surefire fury to their eyes, getting a chemical mixture that burns like hell. Or for some folks who CCW, the ultimate safety if the wcs occurs? Protecting yourself.

A lot of ppl dont carry much of anything because of weight issues, or not fashionably appealing. I carry a lot of stuff in my bags for myself, my family, day to day, and for emergency use. The weight of my bags and their content? I don't notice anymore. You work safety, training, and the products you use, into your life, from cooking, to the gym, to your phone to an ipod, you work those things into your life.

Everyone can do further more for their PerSec in their daily lives. Hope everyone stays safe!
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