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You could have bought something better for the price you paid, and you could have built something much better for the price you paid, but at the end of the day, most manufacturers recommend using factory new brass cased ammo and whether the gun cycles steel cased ammo is only going to depend on your gun. Some like it some don't. In other words, if you get buyer's remorse, it's not because it won't cycle a certain type of ammo, its going to be because it's just a piece of crap.

Also, I didn't see if mentioned (But I'm also not going to dig through 5 pages of flaming) but when you get the gun check whether it is actually chambered in 5.56 or .223 and follow ammo guidelines accordingly. Anyway, it's not ammo I would be worried about. If you can make it happen, honestly, I would return it and get something better, but that's just me.
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