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I don't notice its any cleaner in the carbon fouling department, and I'll run some Sweets down the bore to see what blue I can scrub out (if any) later on. I have an 80g SMK load that uses 4895 for my 600 yard line that absolutely shoots X ring all day. I have sent hundreds down range over that load and love it. This is my first time running the Nozzy's, and I'm not unfavorably impressed. They were shooing 1 moa with my lighter loads, and basically "0" load development since all I was going for was a Mk262 clone load with the CFE223. I cant help but think that if I was to work with several powder/primer/brass combos, I could probably get a very nice load. I would like to see if it hangs in there at the 300 line. I used the 75g Hornady's for a time at the 200 and 300 lines, but the results were mediocre at best out of my guns. 69 SMK's always did fine by me there, so I stayed with them after the 75g supply was expended.

Attached is a 5 shot group I shot last month with my 80g SMK load at 100, just reconfirming my zero's after a barrel change out. I think it was .4 CTC! Strange that the big ol' 80g had already "gone to sleep" and become stable in flight at the 100 yard line, but thats probably why its so dead nuts on out at 600!

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