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I'm adding my load using Alliant ARComp powder because I haven't seen any other loads with it.

77gr smk w/cann
22.7gr ARComp (22.5gr out of Lapua brass)
LC brass
CCI 41 primers
Don't know the OAL, I load them max length for my Cproducts mags (which will also fit in pmags)

Shooting out of a 18" superior barrel with a wylde chamber and 1/7" twist.
I don't shoot for groups but when I have I've gotten sub-moa with this load, around .9 moa. I've shot this at 1000 yards using 52moa elevation and can hit a 20"x18" at about a 80% hit ratio. I've never shot this over a chrono so I have no idea what the velocity is.
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