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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
I wishi could do all my shooting in a laboratory environment...
I have not found anyone able to replicate such low temperature sensitivity in the real world.
Good point. And I know you do a lot more shooting than most of us, so I pay attention to what you say.

Another thing I read online was that the military chose TAC for their 77 grain OTM rounds because it showed only HALF the temperature sensitivity that their spec called for (in addition to meeting their performance requirements), and they were concerned about temp. sensitivity since that ammo would be used in both Iraq AND Afghanistan.

Again, this is something I read online. It could be Internet B.S. but I'm just throwing it out there. It does NOT equal real-world experience, which you have.

All I can say in my limited experience with TAC is that my zero does not change in 45 to 85 degree weather. But that's only at 100 yards. Which is a distance that I know you laugh at, Randall.
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