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Default You may want to let the staff know...

Originally Posted by SRedmon View Post
We actually do have all of those. We have Ruger LCRs in 38spl and 357. I saw at least 3 S&Ws in 38 and a few in 357.

We also have a variety of Ruger 10/22s in stock and on display.

Than you have an issue you are not aware of...

My wife was told no ruger or sw in 357/38spc; no 442/lcr,
she showed your folks in writing what I wanted her to get for her home defense, no way she could have not been clear - it was in writing...

BUT, I was wrong about the 10/22 she actually bough one.

I am overseas so I can’t walk in your store and I do not want to waste my wives time again so can you give me a price on;

357 MAG
Ruger AND
without crimson or laser grips?

We have bought a few guns at the Cerritos store, spent lots of cash on parts and ammo in Cerritos. I am a return customer because you have good people working there, you don’t have better prices. My only cares about the costs so will you price match Rifle Gear/Turners/Buds/Bass Prp or Other in store prices. My wife has the 10/22 in dros at the Cerritos shop and I would like her to leave with a few rifles when she picks it up….
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