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Originally Posted by XDshooter View Post
I recommend renting first. Rent an O/U (over/under). Rent every single one they have and get some lessons.

I don't know if there are some skeet clinics in the SD area, but those are usually the least expensive training option.

This clinic is held here in El Monte (LA area). Only $20 + targets/shells. I think they have some shotguns you can borrow.
^^^^^^ THIS!

Not only will you get a bang on introduction, but Coach Don and Capt. Dick will make sure the gun you borrow from them will fit well. Fit and mount is the key to a comfortable experience. When you have gotten your gun, and attend another clinic, they will spent time and fit it too.

I have only been shooting a few months. I have signed up for another clinic on 8-25. Best money spent so far.
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