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Carbine 1.5 on Saturday with 12 shooters and 3 instructors. 107 degrees in Chino. Brutal. Lots of new steel and brand new FOG paper target (see bottom). Today was Carbine 2.0 with mild temperatures in the high 90s and we had only 8 shooters since a couple from yesterday didn't make it back. The various steel targets were incorporated very well into the progression of instruction. Tough classes. Lots of team shooting today with great communication, various ranges, barricades, running, muzzle discipline, etc. Not for the faint of heart. No soup sandwiches and a lot of great shooters. A lot of fundamentals on Saturday plus extensive malfunction drills. Timed drills and man on man. We were run ragged!

Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills.
- Historian Josephus (AD 37-101) on the Roman military

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