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You will not be able to "ping" (using ICMP) 4 private devices with a single public IP address. No amount of router jockeying will allow you to break the rules (unless of course you are Chuck Norris).

Your choices:

1-to-1 NAT's

- OR -

Install a TCP based service probe on your monitoring box. That way you can test port 80, 3389, etc on each device and know not only is the box reachable but the service is up.

- OR -

Deploy a MSP-friendly management platform (Like Kaseya / LPI / N-Able), one that is designed to do service checks thru NAT. I use Kaseya. It reverses the connectivity logic..... We install a agent on each host and they check in every 30 seconds with the console. We can do a whole lot more than just checking availability of the machine/socket.
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