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Arrow Don't do it!

I purchased one from SAMCO back in the summer, here's what happened:

- First rifle that sent; it so beat up I sent it back

- Second rifle, looked ok, too it out to shoot it: (using 7.62X51 ammo) after firing one round the shell casing was stuck so bad I had to use a cleaning rod to pop it out. The rifle was sent back.

- Third rifle: Awesome looking gun, took it out to shoot it - same result.
This time is was sent back and I got my money back.

Even though SAMCO said it can shoot 7.62X51/.308; it can't - at least mine didn't.

IMHO: Get something else - don't waste your time or money.

If you are going to get one, get it in the original cal. I think they where chambered for 7X57
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