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Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
As far as I know there's only the 173rd, 82nd and 25th airborne divisions. There may be NG units but I'm only talking active.
509th "Geronimo" as well, aka OPFOR at Polk...well never mind they're just a Batt, not a Division so disregard.

But yeah the good 'ole Puking Seagulls were no longer considered a Airborne unit after Vietnam if I'm not mistaken.

Also I did 6 1/2 years in Bragg, we had plenty of NAP there. We had a prior service guy in my Company who was there for 4 years and never went to Jump School but you can bet he was on every chute shakeout haha.

I know FET's (Female Engagement Teams) were just starting to become a pretty big thing once I started ETS'n, but like previously mentioned I think they are just attachments, although I think they still have to go through a variation of SERE.
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