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Originally Posted by izzygoingtoarmy View Post
Good Evening everyone.
Females are allowed in Psyops part of the SF. They started to allow females to serve in SF since our war is in a culture where females are forbidden to speak to male soldiers so female civilians may speak in comfort. Much respect to female soldiers. AND to Halfflash, you are wrong about the Ranger part. Female Soldiers are still forbidden to try out for Ranger but they are allowed to try out only for Airborne and Sapper. Btw, Army only authorizes 3 tabs and Airborne isnt a tab, its a patch.
You bring up an almost month old topic to say what exactly? Not to mention some of the info you posted was incorrect as 11B pointed out. With a name like yours are you even in? Also, the Army is looking into allowing females to attend Ranger School, just what Halfflash said.
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