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Sorry for the late reply.

OK, that's cool, I'll get him to pipe up!

The event is this weekend, it's Wednesday and HE HASN'T PICKED UP THE RIFLE YET!

He bought it off gunbroker (for a lot) then procrastinated picking it up (work, etc, etc). Then when he finally went to pick it up .... he had to start his 10 day wait! So then he waited, etc, etc, and it's 3 days to the event and it's still waiting to be picked up! He has the scope and stuff, all in boxes and 100 rounds of ammo (I'll have to spot him a box of 500). Plus he hasn't shot in 20 years!

BUT, I really look forward to this and to him having a good time!

I have a feeling that I'LL be the one doing the clean & lube before the shoot...
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