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Default UPDATE 5/9 - CRPA’s Election Guide & Voting Recommendations for 2012

Dear CRPA Member,

It’s up to you! In our Republic, the final word is yours, the citizen who casts a ballot. That, of course, means it’s up to you. If you don’t vote, the opposition wins! That is because the opposition will most certainly vote and they are counting on you not voting!

This 2012 Election and Voting Recommendations Guide represents the most comprehensive recommendation of candidates that CRPA has ever undertaken. Many hours of labor have been expended to provide you, the voter, with the information that you need to make a valid pro-gun choice. The information was derived through personal interviews, review of voting records, responses to our new CRPA candidate questionnaire and other reliable information.

The Primary Election June 5, 2012 and the General Election November 6, 2012 are without a doubt, the two most important elections that we will have had in this state in recent memory.The current Legislature is bloated with antigun individuals. The new term limit provision virtually allows non-elected bureaucrats to make laws without fear of reprisal. Your vote can change this ongoing travesty!

What we need in this state is at least a balance within the Assembly and Senate so that a well-reasoned argument can be made with the expectation that it will at least be considered by those entrusted to make laws. That is not what has been going on! The situation is currently so lopsided that the response has been “We don’t care what you say, we have the votes, and we are going to do it our way!” In other words, the progun citizen has not been well represented by the majority of members of this Legislature.

Well, this year they experienced a “wake-up call” of sorts with the CRPA’s aggressive new lobbying program successfully defeating many of their most egregious bills and passing many of the bills that we originated along side our NRA partners.

There are some very key legislative races this year that will make a significant difference in the legislative process and, if successful, restore the political process to one in which you can expect more of a fair shake. These have been taken into consideration in the recommendations presented here.

Please remember that you and I have to approach this election with a single-issue vote if we are going to make any headway along the path of making the sorely needed corrections to the legislative process. We also need solidarity! All of us have to realize that the anti-gunners are not viewing one gun as being better than another; they are after all of them! We can stick our heads in the sand and in effect say “oh, they’re just after the semi-autos, or large capacity magazines or some other small segment!” That statement, by any name is still just plain nonsense! Their plan of attack is one-pieceat-a-time until all is gone. This is a critical point that must be understood by all of us who care about the Second Amendment, or the First, or the Fourteenth, etc. We have to approach this election with a single-issue vote because, as Charlton Heston so eloquently stated it, “The Second Amendment is a first among equals!” We must therefore defend it against every attack. So now is one of those times!

In the end… It is very much up to you!


CRPA would like rectify a mistake made in the 2012 Election Guide and Voter Recommendations list.

It was noted that Candidate John McLaughlin of AssemblyDistrict 71, was graded with *“FTAQ.” Mr. McLaughlin submitted his questionnaire on time and received an **“A” grade from the CRPA. The “A” grade has been corrected in the 2012 election guide and we truly apologize for the error.

**FTAQ: Indicates that the candidate was sent a CRPA questionnaire and failed to answer the questionnaire. As a result, CRPA was unable to evaluate the candidate’s position on firearms and hunting-related issues.

* A: Indicates a pro-gun candidate who strongly supports CRPA positions on Second Amendment and hunting-related issues.

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