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Default Are you Sure on Caliber is a Good Idea

Yes the old timers used one caliber - the 45 Long Colt or 38 special for example - in both rifle and hand gun.

I like the idea too when in the field. One kind of ammo and load either gun. My vote would be the 45 LC.

However, this last round of ammo shortage has shown that a variety of guns in different calibers seems like a wise idea.

Yes the investment may be higher, but I think the pay off of diversity is having the ability to shoot.

For the record, I like the 45 ACp in my 1911. The .357 in my S&W revolver. and the 45 LC in the SSA. The girls like the 380 and it is fun to shoot. Of course the 22 for plunking.

Just my thoughts.

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