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Originally Posted by DasBoost View Post
Question for the AK gurus: How does the Zastava compare to the Interarms and WaffenWerks and M&M M10 offerings? Price-point is roughly the same and I'm very interested in an AK still but unsure as there is so much more coming on to the market these days. It's not a kit build like IA and WW and imported like the M&M, but not sure of how it stacks up to other offerings.

Not trying to re-ask the OP's question, but just wondering how it compares to others.
All I know about the WW and M&M offerings is what I've read, which is hardly authoritative. I've never handled wares from either. However, It's my opinion from the list of components you could build one easily enough yourself and probably for somewhat less than their asking price.

I'd use a different combo gas block/front sight and muzzle brake if it were me. I don't care for the type common to the AK105/Krinkov types, I prefer this one instead: Rifle Dynamics can replace the front post with a white stripe or tritium insert post for not much money and both elevation and windage adjustments can be made by turning the post from above with a simple slotted screwdriver or the multi-tool that comes in an AK's capsule kit. The post is eccentric so that a turn in either direction will adjust for windage. I keep it locked down with Lock-Tite fully centered and do all adjustment from the rear with the Tech-Sights AK200Y.

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