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OK, I need this in childlike terms I guess.

If you pass this for CCW holders in Montana this will give them the right to carry anywhere, correct? They would be able to circumvent CA opposition to out of state CCW holders from Montana. But wouldn't CA still have to pass this act before Californians would be able to travel to other states and enjoy the same freedoms?

This whole reciprocity things sucks anyway. I wish CalGuns or the NRA would reach out to some of these states and convince them that CCW holders in CA would love to honor their states CCW's, why punish friends who think alike, and reward the antis who deny them? The liberals in CA no doubt are thrilled that other states demand reciprocity, before granting Californians to carry in other states.. I think by accepting CA CCW licenses, in say Florida, this would create more pressure to think about reciprocity in CA than just tit for tat retaliation.
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