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Originally Posted by 41magsnub View Post
I do not think it is "that easy", no sane person does. However, there is a real risk here. In Montana CCW is somewhat tenuous, our legislature is filled with a lot of idiots who will listen to the various police officer associations when they go to change our CCW law as a reaction. When our permitless carry bill was in debate this year (which failed), many lawmakers including many republicans were surprised and raised concerns about the current CCW process (you mean there isn't a arduous training requirement???). All we need is to have some news stories about MT issuing police powers with our CCW permits to get the whole works shut down. I am not willing to risk what we have for California.
I want to be very clear, this will be in no way attached or associated to the present Montana CCW system.

The Montana CCW system will remain entirely untouched.

As to concerns regarding a lack of training requirement, rest assured by the time this is implemented there will be some form of required training (the legislature will absolutely require it in order to be passed).
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