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Originally Posted by 41magsnub View Post
I'm one of those on that forum and no you are not. You are misrepresenting the objections. We are not worried about the Barney Fife crap you are talking about. I'm a Montanan and frankly, I am not willing to risk screwing up our CCW process for other states that can't seem to pass it themselves and want to back door things. It is cowardly.. fix your own state. Do it the right way. If you can't fix your own law, either go national for CCW reciprocity or move.

And to the guy calling anyone who opposes this democrats... grow up. Most of us over there have CCW permits and support the RKBA..
Its easy for you to say because you don't have a large majority of voters and politicians that oppose gun ownership. "We" are trying to fix things but, you cannot do that overnight. There are decades of anti-gun legislation on the books. Montana has a smaller population than some of Californias largest cities. And those are the ones that oppose guns in general. How exactly do you think this would affect Montana ccw's negatively? Is there information that you can state as fact or is it simply fear?
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