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Originally Posted by Springfield45 View Post

Cartridge 20 x 83.5 mm MG151
Operation manual bolt action
Feed 3-round detachable box
Weight - Empty 26Kg - 57 lbs
Overall Length 1,795 mm
Rifling 1 full turn in 560 mm.
Length of barrel 1,000 mm
Muzzle Velocity 720 meters/second
Muzzle Energy 28,500 Joules
Accuracy 1,500 Meters

Cartridge 14.5 x114 mm Russian.
Operation manual bolt action
Feed 3-round detachable box
Weight - Empty 29Kg - 64 lbs
Overall length 2,015 mm
Rifling: 1 full turn in 406 mm
Length of barrel 1,220 mm
Muzzle Velocity 1,080 meters/second
Muzzle Energy 30,675 Joules
Accuracy 2,300 Meters

Here is a link to a site that talks about 20mm sniper rifles. There is a video of one shooting.
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