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Originally Posted by InkHammer View Post
So, I am meeting the seller at the range next week, and am wondering if anybody has any tips regarding tube fed semi auto .22s.... Troubleshooting, possible issues to look for, intricacies exclusive to this type? Thanks! I am hoping to get my 10 year old daughter shooting soon
Tube fed or magazine fed doesn't make much difference when it comes to functionality. If you are going to shoot it before you buy it then watch to see that it loads, fires, cycles, ejects and reloads properly. No jams, misfeeds, failure to load or stovepipes. Next is the accuracy of the rifle. I would suggest shooting at 50yds and see how 5 shots will group at that distance. Iron sights 1-2 inches, scoped 3/4-1 inch and you got yourself a shooter. Pay attention to what ammo is being used, probably some brand of bulk so don't expect too much accuracy.

Pull the inner rod out of the tube and check the condition of the (usually red) tip and see if the spring inside the rod still has some tension.

Jams, failure to feed, failure to eject and misfires can all be associated with the action being dirty or something more costly. Finally make sure "THE RIFLE IS UNLOADED, SAFETY ON AND FINGERS NO WHERE NEAR THE TRIGGER AND THEN CHECK IT AGAIN" and then check the muzzle (the crown) for any little dings, scratches or corrosion. If present it can effect accuracy alot. That's about it.
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