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Sac Valley range +++++++best, up to 1000 yards. Rapid fire only in the special ranges, members only i think or a course.

Rancho.... too many scum bags, also many stolen firearms and suicides. Wannabe gang bangers and noobs go here.

Spenceville.... always been good for me. Rapid fire ok, don't bring 30/30 mags, several people this year has been arrested.

Gun Range on Watt Ave... new, 25yard indoor. rapid fire ok. Scum bags are around the corner.
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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
Anyone not voting Brown is putting other things above gun rights.
Whitman + Cooley or Harris = a rash of gun control California has never seen the likes of.
Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
If you're not voting why are you even opining?
Brown has a track record of not bowing to Dem pressure on guns.
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