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Originally Posted by WatsonGravy View Post
That's good news Decoligny!! 59 days isn't to bad. I went to drop mine off few weeks ago and I didn't have the correct portion of my PG&E bill. I trashed that 2nd page. Blahh. So now For the first time ever I can't wait to get my next months PG&E bill!! If you don't mind me asking who are you using for the 8hr training?
I am getting the class from Jess Farmer in Rosamond. He is a friend of a friend, an FFL, on the Kern County Sheriff's approved list, and he is local to me. I called him yesterday and arranged for him to give me the class on Saturday. $100.00 for the 8 hr initial course, $50.00 for the refresher.

59 days was for the notification that my good cause was approved. Once I have completed the class, turned in my documentation, gotten fingerprinted, the letter says it will be another 12 to 16 weeks before the background check is completed.

"IF" they took the entire 16 weeks that they said it would take to approve my good cause, and they took the entire 16 weeks for the background check, that would be a grand total of 8 months for this stupid process. Totally unacceptable when other states are able to complete the process in a matter of days.

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