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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
From what I know about the circumstances, there exists no 'color' to the actions or behavior of the individual that would warrant concern either by the police or gun owning bretheren. (Unless you are of the persuasion that believes carrying any firearm in public is 'poor judgement' which is deserving of unlawful arrest and seizure...Then you would be perfectly justified in your latent hypocritical self-hating gun grabbing inclinations.)

I actually have grabbed a few guns in my life. From a couple drunks, a punk kid, a mentally scrambled person, and an employee who thought he was going to help out an already defused situation. Sometimes it's justified. Does that make me have latent hypocritical self-hating gun grabbing inclinations ?

We don't know what happened yet. Everything we've read is coming second hand and beyond. I like documents, testimony, records.

A story here in Sac has taken on a similar tone. A pollworker says she was fired over writing an email to the registrar because of her concern over UN observers coming to the polls here in Sac. So all these people are making all kinds of comments about jack-booted thug UN enforcers meddling in out elections, and now there was allegedly a personal threat issued to the registrar. But, next thing ya' know is the poll worker lets it out that she told the registrar she would turn the observers away. She never told me this either. I was doing a bit of work in her favor 'cause I was under the impression she was fired unfairly. The point being, people on the receiving end of government authority often meter out information about the incident on a need to know basis. If they need your help, they often relay that which would increase the chances you would do so. Most counsel here I'm sure encounter this all the time, especially where pro-bono is concerned. I'm not saying that's the case in Arcata. I'm just a natural born inquirer.

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