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Originally Posted by boxcab View Post
He was talking about his costume was a secret service or whatever. From the article it appears that two men dressed in charactor and used an AR as a prop. Not something I would consider doing so close to the CO shootings, but not illegal.

Following with interest...
Still would have been a better reason to cite. The cop would have stood a better chance explaining to the court that he represented himself as some sort of law enforcement than a totally and known unlawful seizure. "Yes, your honor, his dress was fake, but his gun and ammo were real, and he said so"

that's neither here, nor there anyway. The illegal siezxure must be defended. You don't have to see it as supporting the person who had it siezed.
By the by, I am fairly bold in activism, but that's not an action I would have taken. Hasn't been all that many years since a guy in a cop uniform was shot to death at a party by some real cops. It's a real stretch to find even wobbly benefit for all that co-mingling of goals. What was his goal anyway?
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