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Originally Posted by r08ert209cali View Post
What about hitting some of the bigger flea markets. just a thought... anything around Stockton and surrounding area with good lead time I would volunteer my time any day.
Flea Markets isn't the right crowd. It might set off mass paranoia in the press and the local PD/sheriff's office resulting in bad press/relations with locals. It would be a selling point for the liberal media to go "this is why we should ban assault weapons like these..."

The fact that people know that AR and AK pattern rifles are legal is good, but we have to target the right crowd so that not just any average joe can run out and buy a legally configured AK or AK and then accidentally manufacture an AW and become the next test case in CA that could reverse all the results of the hard work that's been accomplished in CA thus far. We want to target "markets" where people do care about their 2A rights and are willing to comply with local and state laws in regards to off-list rifles.
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