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People are killed every year in Europe by unexploded ordnance from WW1 and WW2, and every now and then someone here gets the bright idea to drill into a Civil War cannonball they found buried in a field or in the mud at the bottom of a creek bed and finds out just how long something like that can remain "live" and dangerous.

I was in northern Thailand several years ago with a friend whose wife is from one of the hill tribes there, and up in Ching Rai I discovered a forlorn and battered, but still highly restorable, Viet Nam War era military Jeep sitting in a field. Being a die hard Jeep lover who at the time had a couple WW2 Ford GPW Jeeps at home, I would have loved to acquire it, bring it home, and restore it. But it just wasn't economically feasible. Sad, seeing a piece of automotive and military history sitting there rusting away.

You still see a lot of those perforated steel runway plates laying around over there or being used for various things...another legacy of that war.

My brother in law was an Air Force Intelligence officer during the Viet Nam War. He was one of the people who came up with the idea of "wiring the Ho Chi Minh Trail for sound" with sensors so we could tell when Charlie was moving trucks and other stuff and go shoot it up. This cost him his status as a pilot while he was "in country", as the Air Force could not risk him being shot down or having a forced landing and ending up in enemy hands, as he knew where all the sensors were. So he could only fly when he was in Japan or Thailand. I'll have to forward a link to this site to him..... he would probably find it interesting and it might bring back some memories.

His best friend was shot down by enemy. The VC horribly tortured him and the other guy in the plane over the radio, which everyone back at the base had to listen to while trying to triangulate on the signal and send in a rescue force. As soon as they had located the crash site and were inserting the rescue guys, the Commies murdered both prisoners and disappeared back into the jungle. So both these guys come back in body bags, and my brother in law has to deal with personally notifying his friend's family of his demise. Then Hanoi Jane Fonda (the one who posted in the commie hat by the Russian anti-aircraft gun and said of our own U.S. Air Force "I wish I had those murderers in my sights!") comes on the radio with her little bullschitt spiel about what criminal murderers we are, how the "peace and freedom loving Vietnamese people will win", and talking other trash about our Air Force. Needless to say, in my family we have no love for that communist traitor bitsch.
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