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Default GROUP BUY: Ares Armor 80% Rudius 1911 Frames & Jigs


GROUP BUY CLOSED, please contact me if interested in a frame.

Current commitment at over 200 Ares Armor Rudius Frames!

NEW NEWS posted 12/27/2012 at 12AM PST!

List updated: December 27, 12:12PM --

The ARES frame is undergoing some MINIMAL changes that are in the process of being trickled into manufacturing.
Those in the group buy LOCALLY can pick up your frames during a build party.
The inventory has been returned to ARES and ARES will be providing new frames shortly.

After these changes are incorporated into manufacturing, you will have these shipped to you.



Alan Tanaka of AT Gunworks has reviewed the RUDIUS prototype, and the changes have been incorporated into manufacturing.

Untitled by borinajm, on Flickr

Untitled by borinajm, on Flickr
Dimitri of Ares will also deliver the prototype to Jojo for review in Corona when it leaves the machinist's shop.


12/26/2012: Caspian Arms Group Buy - they have agreed to share inventory with us prior to the 8-12 week usual wait time, and share a 5% discount. They have a number of frames that will be available for sale here. More details to follow.

JV Dynamics offers discounts on custom services to all those who participate on this group buy.

Jojo Vidanes, IPSC Grandmaster and owner of JV Dynamics fame, will offer discounted pricing and parts to all those who participate in this group buy, including help on fit, finish and custom work - only through this group buy. His services will be discounted 20%.


Current Group Buy List - Too long to maintain, will be updating this offline



Current Price: $176 for purchasing 100 frames and over. Previous group buy price was $125..


Caspian Arms Slides:
Maintaining list offline

The group buy INCLUDES a set of polymer grips per frame. No, this is not an STI or SVI grip compatible frame. Yes, it does use Series 70 1911 parts.

Administration and Logistics:

We will be shipping frames as soon as new manufacturing completes, unless you're machining locally at Ares when you can pick up your frame at the machine shop.

We will pick the frames and jigs up in person and coordinate pickup in Orange County, Ares Armor, or ship at reasonable cost.

Payment in total and shipping timeframes dependent on Ares' ability to produce and when they'd be ready to deliver.

Understand that there is likely to be a delay between 3-6 months between your payment and their delivery, so instant gratification isn't the name of the game here...

"Rudius 1911 80 Percent Frame

To complete this frame all that need be done are the slide rails, barrel seat and the two rear pin holes. THERE IS NO FFL REQUIRED PER BATFE SPECIFICATIONS. This is not a firearm until you decide to make it one. This is the perfect project for an at-home build. THESE FRAMES ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW FOR PREORDER ONLY! EXPECTED RELEASE OF THE RUDIUS IS SCHEDULED FOR 3-6 MONTHS. By placing a preorder you are guaranteeing that you will have your hands wrapped around one of the first one thousand Rudius frames that are being made. The MSRP for the Rudius is $249.95 but for those watering at the mouth that want to preorder it is only $99.95 to reserve your Rudius and $99.95 at time of delivery. Only free men need apply! 80% for the 3%"

The Jig is intended to use a regular drill press as well as a ROUTER TABLE only.

Linky here:

Those who have already purchased and received a grip will be receiving a new replacement grip at no cost.
On hold....

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