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Originally Posted by 6114DAVE View Post
TELL em you'll come out light years ahead in maturity level, you won't be like some guys in ur town who never did anything with their can go to school once you get to your duty station while you're on active duty even overseas all on the .gov dime. And you will still ha e the post 9/11 go bill if you decide to get out after your 4 or 5 year contract which pays you to go to school and covers basically all tuition and some recruiter spin here from an active duty Marine...btw you've still gotta take the real ASVAB..YOU TOOK the practice...don't go infantry unless you REALLY think its your calling ...there is no market for infantry in the real world....not knocking 0300 guys I work to support you guys ...just saying
Everybody loves to hire a Marine, even the 03 field....
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